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I'm Tatjana - 26 years old - and my camera is my favorite companion. My favorite subject to photograph are people. It is always a new challenge, always a new dynamic, always a different face, each is unique. I believe that everybody has something beautiful and that it can be captured in a photo. 

Light and colors fascinate me. Culture fascinates me. People fascinate me. Nature fascinates me. I like telling stories through photographs, visualize feelings and thoughts that cannot be vocalized. 

Besides photography..

So believe it or not, but there is more to my life than only photography :-) I study Positive Psychology and Technology (after almost quitting after my first year during the Bachelor - to study Crossmedia Design),  but then figured I don't have to quit Psychology to do Photography/Design. Both subjects are about humans - their emotions, their stories, their diversity, their individuality as well as their commonality. So in the end, I would make the same choice again. After my Master I am planning to become a psychotherapist for children and young adults - and of course keeping up with photography. BUT..who knows, in the end it tends to never turn out as expected, so I keep being excited for what is about to come to me in the future. Generally, I love trying new things, discovering new places (can be next town or another continent), cultures, languages and being outside. When we will meet somewhere I will probably come by bike.

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